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They say “Everything Art goes!”



They say “Everything Art goes!”


Hmmm, “Everything art goes”? well, we all know where it comes from, where it is now, but God knows where it is going.  I just hope it’s not gonna get lost on its way.

Let me introduce myself,  my name is Zuzana  Perner and I’m a  self- taught artist. I never really had a chance,  or the support to study art , but now  I realize, that art was always a  part of my life ,a  part of  me, the way of expressing myself and something I wanna do,   no matter what. I’m the kind of person who can’t live without creating something.  Well, I’ve got lots to learn and lots to explore. So hope you guys enjoy my new website and my blog. Please write lots of comments, maybe some advice on exploring the terrain of the ever restless art world.

One comment on “They say “Everything Art goes!””

  1. You have a way of seeing the world…. We all do. Stay true to how you see and what you see… Don’t compromise…. Keep up the good work…. I am looking forward to your future work… May your journey be one of great experience and self development and improvement I wish you many blessings.

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