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Brush or Butt?



Brush or Butt?

Paint brushes might be a bit pricey these days. So some artists said” NO” , and invited new art techniques.  Butt Painting, Breast Painting, Tongue Painting etc… I believe the most famous of  those artists is Tim Patch called Pricasso who is known for using his penis  to paint portraits, landscapes and female nudes. I think his art is awesome! The question is would you, or do you use your body parts to create art?


One comment on “Brush or Butt?”

  1. I am a firm believer in using the materials I have before going out and buying more. For example, for body art, I read up that one can just as well use acrylics/gouache, mixed with cream and water, instead of body paint. Article though… reality TV should do a program about this stuff lol.

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