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How I Promote My Art

Learn the secrets how I got my first 1000 Instagram  followers in just 30 days with NO follower automation software! It all started at the beginning of June 2016, when i decided to put together a marketing campaign with the goal to gain online recognition for my...

No Plans For This Friday? Come out and Play with Art-Wave

Hey guys, If you don’t have a plan for this Friday and you are in London, come over to our Phantasmagoria dark art party. I’ll be exhibiting some of my new works and few more pretty amazing artists showcase their works. If you like, you can try...

Phantasmagoria Party

Phantasmagoria Party Hey there , Art-wave is having another Awesome Art Party.There  will be Burlesque, Magic, Music, Art, Body Art, Art Raffle, a guest rant canvas and more.  Description: This is the very last Magical and elegant night taking place at the legendary steampunk blagclub in Notting Hill, Before...

Dutch artist turns a dead cat into a helicopter ?!

I just read this article about a Dutch artist who turns a dead cat into a remote controlled helicopter. Do you guys think this is cool, or is it seriously sick? Personally, I’m an animal lover, I’m a vegetarian and I support the WWF (World...

Brush or Butt?

  Brush or Butt? Paint brushes might be a bit pricey these days. So some artists said” NO” , and invited new art techniques.  Butt Painting, Breast Painting, Tongue Painting etc… I believe the most famous of  those artists is Tim Patch called Pricasso who is known...

They say “Everything Art goes!”

  They say “Everything Art goes!”   Hmmm, “Everything art goes”? well, we all know where it comes from, where it is now, but God knows where it is going.  I just hope it's not gonna get lost on its way. Let me introduce myself,  my name is Zuzana...