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About Me



self-taught artist and illustrator


“My mission is to create art that reminds us who we are and that we should be proud of it, that we can do everything we want and feel confident about it, love life, and be positive no matter what.”


Zuzi grew up in Prague, Czechia and her childhood was very complicated. Going through many complex life situations, she had to take her time to realize who she is and what she wants to do with her life. It was challenging to discover her true self, but it was worth it as it directed her on the right path.


She fell in love with music, listening to stories and people telling about inner themselves, their issues, and external influences.


“That’s where most of my inspiration is coming from but also from my own life experience.”


Zuzi would never say that being an artist or creating art itself was ever her ambition, but it was always a part of her life and the way to express herself.


“I wouldn’t be scared to say that being creative is in my nature.”


After moving to London in 2009, she found more self-confidence and discovered her inner self. And to finally become the person she was meant to be. Although she says that you never stop learning and improving yourself. Zuzi is a hard worker, and she´s trying to stay positive and find her way to make things work.


London became her home for 11 years, and she used every opportunity to work on her life mission. Zuzi showed artwork on Art Wave Show and Phantasmagoria art show and participated in many charity events, studied illustration /graphic design and marketing while working her business – designing t-shirts and textile with her brand Underground Orchid.


One of her extraordinary and favorite art techniques is Music artwork – listening to one song repeatedly, then starting a painting – awake as many feelings from the song as possible and turning it into art.

In December 2020, moving back to Prague gave her many new opportunities, and was rebranded as a creative content agency.

Besides other projects, she´s also working on book illustrations and encouraging graphic novel.

Her inspirational artworks are not meant to be just wall décor but to inspire people, be themselves and show them that their minds are more powerful than they think. Also, to be more aware of nature and the environment that is getting into a critical situation.


For commissioned work contact me at