About Me


Hey there, my name is Zuzana Perner, I am a self-taught artist. I would never say that being an artist or creating art itself was ever my ambition but it was always a part of my life and the way to express myself and I wouldn’t be scared to say that being creative is in my nature.


I always loved listening stories and people telling about inner themselves, their issues and external influences, that’s where most of my inspiration coming from but also from my own life.


My inspirational artworks are not meant to be  just wall décor but to inspire people, to be themselves and that they minds are more powerful than they think ,but also to be more aware of the nature and environment that is getting into the critical situation.


My mission is to create art that reminds us who we are and that we should be proud of it , that we can do everything we want ,love life and be positive no matter what.